Tips for Choosing a Baby Monitor

Many parents fear the safety of their children ever since they are babies, especially when they’re not around them all the time. However, with the evolution of technology, there’s now the possibility to supervise your child without being in the same room with him all the time. We’re talking about what modern technology did with baby monitors and how these can be used whenever you need them.

Let’s see some tips for buying baby monitors that can really help you out.

Tips for Choosing a Baby Monitor

What It Is

A child monitor is a device that uses radio waves to capture sound through one unit equipped with a microphone for transmitting it to a second mobile unit. There are plenty of models on the market, the cheapest of them being the radio baby monitor, but there are also more expensive ones – the monitors that allow you to connect them to your smartphone or tablet to view what takes place in the room of the baby.

You’ll be able to choose from a wide range of options, the prices going from $25 for a set of radio baby monitor, to even $800 or more, for those that function with Wi-Fi and offer you a video image.

The Security – Digital vs. Analog

The analog baby monitors are the cheapest options that the market can provide you, but they are not secured at all. Anyone who is in the range can also listen to this signal. The digital models use encryption for the audio transmission, and this makes it secure – people can’t catch the signal or listen in to the transmission. Some of the digital baby monitors also have a digital lock that is used for encrypting video images.

To make sure you choose a secured system, take one that has DECT – digital enhanced cordless technology.

Video, Audio, and More

Depending on what you want, you need to know what options the baby monitors offer you. Some give you the possibility to have just sound; while others let you also watch live images – from when the baby is sleeping, for example. The audio baby monitors are the cheapest and don’t take up too much space. The video baby monitors come in a multitude of options, as they include different sizes for the screen, cameras that zoom and pan and they can even record during the night.

Some of the baby monitors can function with mobile devices, like smartphones or tablets, and you can follow your child no matter where you are. There are also some monitors that use different sensors for detecting the temperature of the baby, the motion, the level of oxygen and others.

The Size

The size is something to take into consideration, because if you plan to use a baby monitor, you will have to take it with you all the time. The smallest are the ones that have only hearing options, but you can also get a baby monitor that can have a separate parent receiver for getting images or you can pair it up with a smart device that you already have.

Low Batteries

To make sure that you always hear what the child is doing, get a baby monitor that lets you know when it’s time to change the batteries. You need to take a look at their specifications and see if the unit can notify you about this.

In the end, you need to take a look at different baby monitors and see which one works best for you and your child depending on your needs. Don’t be afraid to ask different questions to the seller, about different items, but you can also check them online through reviews and other people’s opinions.